Mod Menu Apk v2.21.2 (Unlimited Money & DNA)

Information about Mod Menu

Name Mod Menu Apk
Category Action
MOD Features MOD Menu
Version 2.21.2
Size 76 MB
5.0 and up

   Download Mod Menu Apk Mod Menu Apk is a famous Android action game developed by Miniclip. There are numerous features that you should use. By outlasting every other player, you must develop into the most powerful cell on Earth. Mod Menu Apk Mod Menu Apk v2.21.2 (Unlimited Money & Reduced Zoom)

Keep taking part in and winning games to move up the leaderboard of players. So, you receive special privileges and prizes. To make your tiny cell bigger, you must control other cells and consume them. The game is excellently controlled and offers great control choices because it was created especially for Android users.

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Divide and Conquer! Grow and dominate!

Many sides in the game desire to rule the entire continent. You must divide the territory you already possess in order to expand your empire because one of them is yours. Furthermore, after your kingdom becomes the strongest in its region, the next step is to rule the entire planet.

Make events where you can play with your friends.

You can easily log in using Facebook to see which of your Facebook friends are currently playing the game as well as their rankings and profiles. To invite them to play with you, you must then make your party. Once they accept, you can play alongside them and succeed as a team.

Gather tokens

You will receive several tokens, rewards, and much more if you succeed in every game, quest, and challenge. You can utilize them to advance in the game and rule the entire globe. Utilize them all to win the game before everyone else.

open up a lot of new skins

You can enjoy the game even more by choosing from a variety of new skins. You must first unlock them all before you can begin to use them to give your character a fierce appearance.

Engaging Gameplay

This game’s name is inspired by agar, a class of microorganisms used in cell culture. All the nutrients needed for cell development and division are present in it.

A similar idea is used during games! You’ll need to supply enough agar so that your cells can grow in size. You will have the option to split them in half to create extra cells after they have reached the appropriate size. Until you have a large number of cells under your control, the process continues. Mod Menu Apk v2.21.2

Key Features

  • Immerse yourself in an online universe with limitless frontiers.
  • It will right away turn into the most lucrative prey for tycoons; if you are small, it will be your daily lunch.
  • One approach to having the enormous prison cell is to obtain nutrients from food.
  • In order to prevent dynamically escape from hostile takeovers, players can employ split techniques.
  • To stop the onslaught of large cells, you can also shrink the cell.

Features of Mod Menu Apk

Reduced Zoom

If you’ve been playing Mod Menu Apk for a while, you probably already know that the game gets difficult when your cell size exceeds the size of your device’s screen, which ultimately causes issues with moving the cells.

Even you will encounter this issue while using a device with a large screen because there will be times when your phone will take up the entire display.

However, thanks to the Reduced Zoom function of the modified Mod Menu Apk, you can reduce the size of your game cells.

Endless DNA

The most advantageous money in this game is DNA, which we can use to buy custom skins, mystery potions, and premium potions.

But you must purchase DNA from the game store, which costs about 159 rupees for 100 DNA. However, once you install the Mod Menu Apk, your account will have infinite DNA.

Removed all ads

We can’t concentrate on the gameplay because this game is cluttered with pointless adverts that eventually slowed down our game progress. But don’t worry, our staff has carefully deleted every commercial from the Mod Menu Apk so you can enjoy a better User experience.

Unlimited coins

Coins can be used to purchase deluxe outfits, Mystery Skin enhancements, shortcut the mystery potion brewing process, and many other items. Therefore, we added the infinite coins functionality to the Mod Menu Apk. Mod Menu Apk

Free VIP subscription

A VIP subscription offers a variety of special benefits, including weekly VIP skins, unrestricted money and boosters, daily skin creation, and more. However, the subscription costs $7.99 a week if you wish to purchase one.

Thankfully, our Mod Menu Apk gives you a VIP subscription for life without charging you a dime.

Added features

  • Vip Bundles Free
  • Gorgeous Skins
  • good 2D graphics
  • Easy controls
  • No human verification is necessary

Final Words (Conclusion) Mod Menu Apk boasts distinctive visuals and captivating audio. You may regulate cells and make sure they continue to expand without being destroyed by rivals or roving viruses.

Today, get the most recent version to experience serene gaming that will wow you!

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   Download Mod Menu Apk

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