Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk v1.8.4 (Unlimited Money) Download

Information about Evil Nun Mod Menu

Name Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk
Category Arcade
MOD Features MOD Menu
Size 129 MB
4.4 and up

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Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk Scary Horror Game Adventure is a new high-quality horror game in which you must “find a way out of this dreadful environment.

Evil Nun Mod Menu
Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk v1.8.4 (Unlimited Money) Download

The main character finds himself in an old, deserted boarding school when he awakens in an unfamiliar location. Naturally, he has several inquiries, but the most crucial one is how to leave this unsettling structure. You are apprehended by Sister Madeline inside Eagle’s Junior High School after getting an enigmatic invitation to a summer camp.

Now it’s up to you to leave the building before Sister Madeline can carry out her nefarious scheme. In your attempt to get away from Sister Madeline and recover your freedom, explore the institution.

When the school itself serves as the villain’s stage, Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk paints a novel picture. Players unintentionally get lost in the nighttime realm. Your goal when you arrive here is to find a way out as soon as you can because of this.

The bizarre voyage is not as simple as you might think, though. To leave this area, players must answer challenging questions. Additionally, we provide you with a variety of exits to navigate.

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Features of Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk

  1. New update
  2. Unlock all the skins of the nun
  3. Run away from the evil nun
  4. Explore mysterious places
  5. Solve the big secrets
  6. Buy new weapons and defend yourself against her
  7. Escape from school

Evil Nun Not Attacking mode

You have outwitted in this altered version of Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk, which activates when the game does. You must click on it and choose Not to Attack mode from each of the available selections. You can now switch on the Not Attacking mode. All the zombies will circle around you after doing this, but they won’t attack. It will ensure that your player’s health is secure.

Evil Nun Mod Menu


Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk is not regarded well in this sense because it lacks a robust graphics platform. However, a single, bloody, horrifying sight is more than enough to make the player shiver. The first look of the game is full of genuine, disturbing, and eerie sounds that will undoubtedly plague players throughout the game.

Laundry room with scary secrets

The main objective is to leave this school as soon as possible after being imprisoned inside of it and exposed to its foul odors. However, something considerably worse appears to be under the laundry area. Is there a hidden exit from this location, a shadowy plot, or a ghost cemetery? Don’t forget to solve all the game’s secrets before leaving this location.

Unlimited Coins or Money in the Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk

You should get this version if you plan to purchase all the weapons and associated items. In this, you receive infinite free money that may be used to purchase anything, including weapons. Because the size of this money in the game is that of a coin, some people think of it as coins. Whatever name you give it, however, you may acquire limitless money or coins for nothing by downloading Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk right away.

In God Mode, all weapons and ammunition are unlimited

By the way, you get everything for free, including infinite money and the sufficient attacking mode. From there, you may unlock practically all of the functions. You will receive all the weapons that are unlocked in God Mode, though, to make things easy. In addition, you are provided with Unlimited Ammo, so you need not even bother about ammunition. What more do you require?

the puzzle-style

Nobody gives anything to anyone for free in this unfair world. You will need to overcome the game’s puzzles to find additional hints, escape, and more in Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk as you must also leave this evil school. You can solve puzzles anywhere in the school by looking for and using objects like keys or holy water that are around. You can solve the puzzles and unearth the mysteries gradually. a long time in school.

Evil Nun Mod Menu

Key Characteristics

  • Join the summer camp after receiving a covert invitation, and you’ll unintentionally become involved in Sister Madeline’s diabolical plot as well as a school full of mystery.
  • Finding a path out of this situation and into a life of freedom and light is the most important endeavor.
  • To advance against the surrounding opponents and get to the escape door as soon as possible, you must find the answers to a huge number of questions.
  • Discover the laundry room’s well-kept secrets to pass one of the two most challenging obstacles.
  • The mystery boy with the blue hands will assist you in finishing the game, or he may present obstacles.

Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Not Attack
  • Zooming Issue Fixed in Outwit
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Weapons and Ammo

Final Words (Conclusion)

The Evil Nun Mod Menu Apk allows you to change the game’s settings and make it easier or harder. It also allows you to change the character’s appearance and gives you unlimited coins and gems.

Nun Attack is an Android and iOS game developed by Frima Studio and released on October 3, 2013. It is a four-player co-operative beat ’em up game with a horror theme, set in a convent. Players take control of one of four nuns: Sister Agnes, Sister Mary, Sister Rebecca, and Sister Jessica, as they fight their way through the convent, defeating evil demons along the way.

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