PK XD Mod Menu Apk v0.71.0 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Information about PK XD Mod Menu

Name PK XD Mod Menu Apk
Category Simulation
MOD Features MOD Menu
Version 0.71.0
Size 92 MB
4.4 and up

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There are several ways to construct your own home in PK XD Mod Menu Apk. It can be adorned with a variety of ornaments, including a lava lamp, a kitchen counter, and a lava mat.

PK XD Mod Menu Apk
PK XD Mod Menu Apk v0.71.0 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

A social game that allows for multiplayer play is PK XD. It’s a terrific way to keep in touch with friends while still having fun. In PK XD Mod Menu Apk, there is a tonne of different things to do, so you’ll never get bored. Additionally, you can alter your avatar’s appearance to make it precisely how you desire.

You and your friends and pets will enjoy yourselves beyond what is offered. You might get presents and event cards to make it more enjoyable. Absolutely, when executing significant jobs, pay attention to the surrounding variables. Avoid allowing anything out of the ordinary to occur, and routinely inspect your merchandise.

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Which persona aspires to embody? There are numerous options, including humans, zombies, unicorns, witches, and dragons. Utilize a variety of clothing and accessories, including colorful hair, fashionable attire, magnificent wings, armor, and swords.


Consider running erratically, delivering pizzas, avoiding obstacles to gain money, and more. Snowballs, birds, obstacles, and pets are all fun! There is always a new game at PK XD Mod Menu Apk!


Have you ever considered fusing two pets to create a special virtual pet? You enjoy spending a lot of time with your pet in PK XD Mod Menu Apk! Additionally, the better you care for your pet, the more likely it is to develop into a magnificent animal.


Be whatever you want to be and pursue a variety of careers, including influencer, astronaut, scientist, chef, and pilot. Which do you prefer: a skate, scooter, vehicle, skates, or a motorcycle? You can get them all right here! Own amazing cars in PK XD Mod Menu Apk!


To construct the home of your dreams. The house is yours, complete with a garage, swimming pool, gaming room, playground, beautiful wallpaper, beautifully designed rooms, fantastic sofas and beanbags, amusing paintings, and dancing mats! How are you going to build the ideal house?

PK XD Mod Menu Apk


Special dates seem much more attractive on PK XD! With playthings that are themed, celebrate holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Children’s Day, and birthday parties. The most excellent news updates!


Join us in creating the game! To provide you with the best experience ever, we want to hear all of your suggestions.


Always provide something special and intriguing. Numerous players who are familiar with our game join because it is unique. Not monotonous like other adventure games, where you only explore the game’s environments or face several obstacles. Additionally, players can take part in brand-new activities we’re organizing and savor the opportunity to create something exceptional.

A fun open-world game that lets you do whatever you want is PK XD Mod Menu Apk. The possibilities are endless, from making your own avatar to owning virtual animals. To use all of the unlimited money mod’s features, download it right away!

Get unlimited use of the infinite cash and jewels

The modification gives you limitless coins and diamonds without costing you a single penny or requiring you to do any effort whatsoever. With PK XD Mod Menu Apk, you can now make purchases effortlessly, whether you want to buy the cheapest property or a basic cap.

Unlimited user interface

Players can build profiles on the game’s social networking website with unique backgrounds and avatars. Players can then connect via buddy sharing, which enables them to access other players’ saved information such as levels achieved or stuff amassed so that everyone engaged can get the most out of the game.

PK XD Mod Menu Apk

Key Characteristics

  • With us, create a game! To deliver the best experiences, we want to hear your thoughts.
  • multiplayer minigames. To make money, try a Crazy Run, set a record in the Pet Parade, or deliver pizzas. Win by entering the arcade!
  • Create the interior design of your ideal home. Simply use your imagination! The Cloud Sofa, Dance Mat, Soft Mats, Player Chair, Kitchen, Bathroom, and more are all worth checking out!
  • We frequently plan special events for you! Halloween, Easter, and Christmas are celebrated with magnificent decorations, activities, and themed goods!
  • It all depends on you! You can be anyone you want to be if you use your imagination.
  • The experience is completed by a virtual pet! Discover endearing creatures, from common to uncommon, to aid you throughout the game. Watch them develop as you take good care of them!
  • You have it all! Along with exploring and challenging yourself, you may have fun with your neighborhood!

Final Words (Conclusion)

After finishing the guide, you are now prepared to download PK XD Mod Menu Apk. On virtually any Android smartphone running Android OS, you may install this customized game. Additionally, you won’t need to root your smartphone in order to enjoy the PK XD era. Simply download it and cynically use all of its capabilities!

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