Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk v1.30.1 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Information about Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu

Name Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk
Publisher NEKKI
Category Action
MOD Features MOD Menu
Version 1.30.1
Size 92 MB
Requires 4.1 or above

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The fighting game Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk has a fast pace that completely immerses players in every encounter against either human or AI opponents. Small adjustments to its story, game modes, and mechanics give everything more nuance and “soul,” which makes it more vivid and compelling.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk
Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk v1.30.1 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Additionally, for the finest gaming experience, players can write their own plots, choose their preferred fighting style, and take full advantage of all its features.

Shadow Fight has a distinctive, immersive, and strategic battle system in its action-packed 3D martial arts fighting game. Shadow Fight is the ultimate fighter game with over 100 warriors to pick from, a tonne of weapons and magic spells to utilize furious battles, and a rich plot.

A fun fighting game called Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk gives you a fantastic opportunity to showcase your abilities to other players. Become a hero to prevent the collapse of the cosmos.

The story of the Shadow Fight universe is continued in this 3D online RPG fighting game with new characters. Prepare yourself for excitement, fascinating adventures around the planet where mysterious forces rule, cool fights with strong fighters, and action.

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Are you prepared for the wacky fighting game’s return? Unbeaten samurai, black ninja, or decent knight? It is up to you to decide who your hero will be. To create a distinctive appearance, alter the colors of your equipment and win various skins in battle.


In this battle game, investigate the fighting philosophies of each of the three clans. Make up your own fighting style. Your hero can battle like a valiant knight or a crafty ninja. Utilize shadow energy to strike with spectacular and potent blows that can alter the course of the conflict.


Warriors from all across the world are eagerly awaiting the advent of a hero who will stand up for justice and put an end to the conflict for shadowy power. By selecting your clan, you can affect the plot. In order to confront your archenemy, defeat formidable bosses. After that, visit new worlds and go back in time to uncover fresh information about the plot.


Action in a hero fighting game keeps going even after the primary conflict has been resolved. Win dueling games by taking on the AI-controlled heroes of other players. Fight alongside the most formidable warriors to place among the TOP-100 and become a legend in your area!


Amass your own collection of armor and weaponry to experiment in combat and look good in duels. You gain special skills that make it simpler for you to prevail in a fight once you’ve gathered a complete set of gear. Create a strategy and take the initiative in the offensive play.


Fight in traditional RPG hero-themed tournaments to win exclusive skins, colors, gear, and armor. You will encounter new heroes in these fights, and you will discover a lot of fascinating information about the Shadow Fight universe.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk


Console games can’t compete with colorful environments and realistic RPG battle animations.

A knight fighting game, ninja escapades, and street clashes are all featured in the thrilling RPG combat game Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk. Enjoy the attack and modify it as you choose. Be a hero and persevere in battle until the end!

Several unexpected difficulties

The conflict between the three factions of Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds in Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk creates a mysterious environment. Each group will have unique abilities and traits. Power and energy are obviously modified depending on how they are used. You are invited to explore the world and uncover its fascinating tales.

Fighting gameplay 1vs1

The gameplay of Shadow Fight 3 is likewise designed in line with conventional fighting techniques. The series is the high point and is well-known to players all over the world. On each play screen, gamers will specifically face a different foe.

Select an army general.

An army needs a commander in order to fight—the crucial responsibility of motivating the soldiers to attack. Develop tactics and plans to defeat each enemy one at a time. You are free to select any general, ninja, samurai, or skilled knight that you like. Enhance abilities and change the champion’s appearance to suit your preferences. A good leader can inspire his warriors and provide them with a lot of energy and experience. Contribute to the army’s success in every fight.

Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk:

Unlimited Everything
Once you begin playing and become fully immersed in Shadow Fight 3. After that, take advantage of Mod Menu Apk’s limitless features.

Everything is now unlocked.
The new version of the game also has other perks, including the ability to easily unlock everything and obtain more goods, equipment, and weaponry.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk

Max Level 
Max Level  Moreover, easily attain Max Level 52.

Unlimited cash
When Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk first starts, it has unlimited money and gems. Once you have more cash, you can upgrade and customize your heroes. Since you will receive an endless supply of stones.

Unending Energy
One of the game’s most notable new awards. where you can replenish your energy indefinitely to begin your dream, engage in the thrilling world of the fight, and pick up new skills.

Numerous Gems.
For the first time, only with the new version that works with all Android and iOS devices, get infinite money, jewels, and energy in Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk.

Complete Character Unlock.
Once the game has been successfully installed on your smartphone. After that, you can enjoy unlocking, personalizing, and upgrading each character and hero.

Final Words (Conclusion)

The incredible fighting game Shadow Fight 3 Mod Menu Apk (Unlimited Everything, Unlimited Money /Gems) has beautiful upgrades and new components. Where you can unlock every character and pick your favorite to level up, buy equipment for, and equip with weapons so that he can be used in every battle. Additionally, you can play in three distinct modes, including online and offline multiplayer.

Unlock all levels and benefit from endless resources including money, energy, titan, and jewels. Additionally, use the best control options, fluid action, and distinctive features you can see above while playing in HD graphics and earning additional rewards.

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