Worldbox Mod Apk v0.14.5 (Free Shopping, Premium Unlocked)

Information about Worldbox

Name Worldbox
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
Category Simulation
MOD Features MOD Menu
Version 0.14.5
Size 54 MB
Requires 5.0 and up

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WorldBox is a free god and simulation Sandbox game. You may create life in this free Sandbox God game and watch it flourish! Create magical creatures like sheep, wolves, orcs, elves, dwarves, and more!

Worldbox Mod Menu Apk

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Construction of buildings, roads, and battles between civilizations are all possible. Assist them in thriving, developing, and creating a strong society. Gamers have long been interested in and drawn to sandbox games.

There are some exceptional products available for Android mobile platforms, including The Sandbox Evolution of PIXOWL and, more recently, WorldBox by Maxim Karpenko. The blending of the Sandbox and Indie genres will undoubtedly be intriguing and exciting.

Build Your World

You start to cultivate animal life on the meager amount of land you have. Civilizational capabilities enable this. A town or a kingdom can be quickly and easily created with only one click. Making things challenging for them instead of letting individuals live peacefully and develop as they like.

Dragons, monsters, and natural disasters should all be dropped without hesitation. Human survival skills will soon be confirmed. They will be forced to the verge of extinction if they are unable to resist the risks posed by nature or the laws of the universe.

Wide Range of Tools

You must visit the Forces of Mass Destruction area to use man-made or natural disasters. Additionally, the acts chosen in the Laws symbol can aid in regulating the interactions between nations, peoples, and representatives of the animal kingdom.

Animal behavior and the foreign policies of the established states are solely the player’s responsibility. The peaceful progress path sparks the establishment of colonies and friendly ties between nearby nations. In Worldbox, turning off the component that promotes peaceful coexistence opens a branch of aggressiveness.

Graphics and Sound

Since Worldbox only uses 2D visuals, there isn’t anything to say about the drawing quality, rendering, soundtrack, and other factors. In fact, the fundamental strength of our pixel game is that it can operate on practically any device and has a tonne of features.

Create Civilizations

Create amazing civilizations, transform hamlets into cities, and then into kingdoms and empires. You will be able to create a universe of your own choosing using all the options at your disposal!

Worldbox Mod Menu Apk

God’s Rich Arsenal

Make sure you have a variety of tools available, both fictitious and real. You may create underground worms or acid rain atomic bombs with Worldbox. Just see how few individuals engage in animal or natural disaster combat. At first, a bear can encircle half of a community. Your test subjects, however, quickly grow and acquire new skills.

Simple Control Method

In this game, building a civilization is quite simple in every way. Consequently, it merely needs a few swipes. Players will have to drag and drop related species to the right spot on the map to complete it.

The game illustrates objects and phenomena using a variety of clear icons. Consequently, you can utilize them to swiftly identify objects and make decisions. With Worldbox, a player can also zoom in or out using two fingers.

Worldbox Features:

On Worldbox, you can pass your leisure time while having fun. Additionally, it provides players with a wholly immersive experience. The most minor things can teach players how to build a civilization. Make sure all living things always have the optimum quality of life. Each organism has its own requirements and methods of evolution.

With the help of the Worldbox, you can finally unlock everything in the game and create a world of your own without having to pay anything!

Unlocked Everything

As soon as you click the download button and install the mod version, you can unlock everything in the game and play the best possible version of it for free! No one will stop you from having endless fun as you construct highways, mountains, oceans, life, or nuclear missiles to obliterate your globe!

  • Free Shopping
  • In-App Purchases Removed
  • Advertisements Removed
  • Unlocked all disasters

Worldbox Mod Menu Apk

Final Words (Conclusion)

Worldbox is an excellent sandbox game that lets you simulate your own planet with custom laws. Mountains, islands, nations, and oceans can all be made. The globe can then be filled with rivers, civilizations, spawned creatures, and woods. You have the power to either create a peaceful society or bring about unimaginable catastrophes.

Because you may do whatever you want with your universe in this game, it provides endless fun that you might not find in other simulation games.

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