Zooba Mod Menu Apk v3.40.0 (Unlimited Money & Gems) 2022

Information about Zooba Mod Menu

Name Zooba Mod Menu Apk
Category Action
MOD Features MOD Menu
Version 3.39.0
Size 92 MB
6.0 and up

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Zooba Mod Menu Apk is a survival game with MOBA elements published by Wildlife Studios. The conventional survival game design is still present in Zooba’s gameplay.

Zooba Mod Menu Apk
Zooba Mod Menu Apk v3.40.0 (Unlimited Money & Gems) 2022

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However, it has been considerably simplified to let gamers have fun. So what sets Zooba apart from other apps? With the help of this article, let’s find out.

A customized (hacked) version of the official Zooba: Free For All Zoo Combat Battle Royale Games is known as Zooba Mod Menu Apk. This enables you to access all the mod features, including Infinite Characters, Unlimited Sprint Skills, Unlimited Gems, Premium Pass, and many others, without paying a single cent.

This game’s addicting online PvP warfare mode, where you may engage in thrilling combat with up to 19 other players, is one of its best features. To receive special rewards and rise to stardom among the wild animals, you must be the last character standing among other players.

In order to heal your characters and aid in their long-term survival, always gather the health kits that are available on the highways during conflicts.

How to play Zooba

Players in Zooba will be able to select their own real warriors by looking at pictures of well-known animals. As companions throughout the game adventure, lions, buffalo, dogs, cats, bears, and tigers come to mind.

Keep in mind that every animal has a unique activation skill. You must here continuously maneuver the character while looking for the necessary supplies. such as weapons, body armor, and medical supplies to help you live as long as you can.

The experienced panel will visibly depict the duration till safety loops appear. In order to control your character in the most logical manner possible, you must pay great attention. For as long as you remain outside the safety circle, your character will slowly bleed to death.

Survive in the challenging battles

Zooba Mod Menu Apk, sometimes known as the zoo adaptation of PUBG and Fortnite, is the only game focused on animal survival. Each animal has unique abilities, such as Larry the chameleon’s sharp intelligence, and Bruce the gorilla’s strength. You will come across 20 animals on the battlefield as you begin your trip.

Select your animal based on your preferred skills, enter the battlefield with your allies, and use your strong talents and plans to beat the opposition. Each game you win expands your area and improves the abilities of your animals.

Control system

The way the controls are set up in Zooba Mod Menu Apk is also comparable to many other survival games now available. While targeting while holding down the skill or weapon buttons may be unfamiliar to less-experienced players. The game’s initial tutorial is easy enough for beginners to understand.

In particular, the player will still direct the movement of his character via the on-screen virtual steering wheel button. Use the virtual buttons on the right side of the screen to direct the character’s behavior in each circumstance.

Collect weapons

You can gather new, more potent weapons on the battlefield. Put pressure on your adversaries with new weapons that deal a lot of damage. You should be careful around guards and avoid collisions with them if at all feasible.

Before deciding to look closer, consider the differences between each weapon’s features. The only variation between each character’s physical condition and their arsenal of weaponry.

Zooba Mod Menu Apk

Game mode

  •  In Duo mode – You can play and engage in intense survival matches with your pals.
  •  When using Solo – All other competitors from across the world will compete against you in a one-on-one match. There is a leaderboard in this mode, and each victory adds three points to your overall ranking.

Gunner upgrade

Gather the items required for the animals’ improvements so that they can become heroes. Zooba has consistently been set up like a star. Players and friends alike long for it. They will admire you once you achieve stardom. It’s difficult to express, but I adore that feeling. Upgrade the gunner’s stats first, though.

Features of Zooba Mod Menu Apk

Therefore, I’ve highlighted a few Zooba Mod Menu Apk features below. The feature below will undoubtedly assist you in making a decision if you are new to Thinkers and are still undecided about installing this enhanced edition.

Unlocked all equipment

Carrying equipment makes your character stronger than your opponents, but most of them are locked at the beginning of the game, and you must spend diamonds at the game store to unlock them.

However, you can get Zooba Mod Menu Apk to solve this issue, where all the equipment has been unlocked and is available for free usage at any time.

Unlimited gems

The most valuable unit of cash in Zooba is the gem, which can be used to open crates and skip timers. Additionally, you can purchase special offers with gems that will appear on the right side of your device’s screen.

By performing missions and winning battles, you can amass jewels. You will receive a limitless number of diamonds in your account with the Zooba Mod Menu Apk.

Unlocked characters

If you are a Zooba Mod Menu Apk Game junkie, you probably have a fantasy of unlocking every character, including Nix, Buck, Larry, and many others. Additionally, having many characters allows you to earn the most trophies overall. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and strong gaming abilities to open each character.

Zooba Mod Menu Apk

Free premium pass

The Golden Nickname function, Custom Stickers with a crown, longer time for daily activities, and many more benefits that come with Premium Pass will help you advance to the highest level.

Some more

  • Hack Map
  • Drone View (x1 – x4)
  • Can Shot In Water

Final Words (Conclusion)

The best Android game ever made is called Zooba. It has every outstanding characteristic necessary for a game of this kind. No aspect of the game—graphics, character, music, or missions—will let you down in terms of the whole gaming experience.

But a majority of the game’s features are actually only available to users who pay. As a result, we are delivering the Zooba Mod Menu Apk to you as promised. Download from the below-mentioned URL to take advantage of all premium features.

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   Download Mod Menu Apk

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